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We have a good and fun business way of making good money, please let us know if you have anything that you would like to add to the search, articles, locations etc... we would love to hear from you and have you on board to make some money in the industry that we all love.

That is my photo or Article

If you are the owner of an article and you have special requirements on how the content has been displayed or added to the page, or simply you wish us to remove the information from the website, please send us an email, and we would remove it from the site as soon as we get your email.

On the other hand if you are (ok) with us publishing the content we are more than happy to hear your recommendations and details on how to manage it... makes sense? 

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How does 66Twelve Works?

So, this... we have a team loading content to the site, we curate the information from what is available on the web, we don't create or invent anything, so most of the information your read is a result of a lot of coffee in front of the computer.

All content is credited to the source where we got it from, and we wont take any credit on the creation of popularity of it, aside from that, our only goal is to share.

What is 66Twelve

66Twelve was founded by two dudes (J & A) almost 5 years ago, with one simple goal, have fun and enjoy a hobby, also looking in to way of sharing some of the things we see failing on the current motor enthusiast scene around the world.